Refinance or purchase to get money BRRR?

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I "LLC" purchased property with cash, Rehabbed, Rented, now what's the best way to get money? do I refinance with investment loan at 3.8% or purchase my own deal and get 2.7% interest rate If I put property under my name? but will I have to pay extra fees? escrow or tax.

I called mortgage broker, she said if I buy from LLC into my personal name, loan will be much easier and faster since refinance loans take 2 months now, and new purchase will close in 30 days + way better interest rate.

@Vadim Babets What is your end goal with the property? Hold it in your LLC? There may be some real advantages to refinancing in your personal name other than just the rate (ie. no prepayment penalty). If you do decide to refi, the "adverse event fee" is due to kick-in December 1.