Time to get started!

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Hi BiggerPockets! I've been on here for a while, but mostly just a listener of podcasts. I've listened to id like to say, a good majority of them. I've read most of the books mentioned and I've done countless hours of research. I'm sure I want to BRRRR to be able to eventually purchase some larger multi family properties (250 units+) possibly do some flips here and there just to increase funds. I'm currently deployed a bit longer, finally getting some time on the internets here, but when I get back stateside eventually, I'd like to hit the ground running. I have a year left in the Marine Corps, and the plan is to do at least 6 BRRRR deals before I get out. While deployed my wife renovated a duplex I bought shortly before joining the Corps, and we're in escrow now getting ready to close so we'll have a few thousand to invest. About 50-70K. I'm not necessarily looking for specific answers but I am looking for potential partners and advice as always. I'm just tired of the analysis paralysis. I've been on the sidelines building funds and knowledge up for the last 2 years. Im thinking I like TN, TX, and FL. But I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Thanks for your time! 

I'm so excited to see you get started and glad you are past the point of education. Fears and analysis can paralyze you can't they. I know there are some groups/masterminds out there for military/vet real estate investors. You might want to look around here for them. I personally know Bill Allen and he's a former Navy Flight Instructor. He might be able to point you in the right direction as well. Good Luck in your new adventure. I just know you are going to love real estate.