LVP flooring brands for buy and hold

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Good day All. I'm having a dilemma choosing LVP flooring for a buy and hold remodel that will ultimately be a Personal Care Home in Georgia..

The choices are Traffic Master LVP @$1.78/sqft, Duralux Rigid Core LVP $1.58/sqft (sale price cut from $2.29) and Lifeproof LVP @$2.78/sqft.

Based on the product features, warranty, etc I'm leaning towards Lifeproof which is sold exclusively by HD.

Any seasoned floor experts out there that can weigh in?

BTW, price is definitely a factor.

Traffic Master covers 24sqft per case for $42.95

Duralux covers 21.41sqft for 33.83

Lifeproof covers 20.06 sqft for $55.76

@Wendy Smith . I've used lifeproof before and would definitely use it again. It's easy to install, and it feels solid under your feet. I can't speak on durability as it's only been about a year, but so far it's holding up.

I've been using all kinds of vinyl tile in rentals for many years. They all last a long time, even peel and stick work very well. You have less expensive options at $.97 per sq ft at Home Depot that will last many years. 

@Wendy Smith I’ve been using LifeProof in all my rental renos over the past few years and have been very happy with it. It’s more expensive, but is thicker and has a thicker wear layer. In one case it was severely scratched when the oven was installed, and though the scratch is noticeable, it blends in and is the same color, so we decided to not even replace that board.

@Charles Large Thank you. Yes they do have but it's the closest match to the already exisiting flooring. Also it's the color and features I was looking at. So is it that all LVP is waterproof, and scratch resilient?

Thanks Charles. I too like the wood looking but more of a light brown with red tinge hence my Oak Trail being at the pricey end. The grays I'm not a fan of, they scream investor and I want a softer look in the home.