Hey everyone I have a project under Agreement in Gardner and am looking for some quotes for someone to complete the job. This is a 4 family and here is the basic scope

New Two story porch needs to be built


Move the meters outside from the basement

Update all the fuses to switches.

Add Owners Box

Wire smoke detectors in a 1 bedroom unit

Instill Electric Heat in 2-3 Bedroom

Rewire Demo unit


Replace 20ft of leaking sewage pipe in the basement


Fix small subfloor issue in 1 bedroom unit

Fix holes in the drywall in 1 bedroom unit

Replace floor in 1 room of 1 bedroom unit

Demo Unit

Finish Drywall walls and ceilings

Install full bath

Small amount of Framing

Install new kitchen

Reach out if your interested.  I am looking for a good GC to work on this project and future projects with me