Thoughts on ceiling fans with lights, are they worth it?

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I recently have bought my first investment property! WOOOHOO!! The house does not have ceiling fans in any of the bedrooms, nor ceiling lights for that matter. What are everyone's thoughts/experiences on ceiling fans with lights in their rental properties and should I install them or stick to installing just a ceiling light?

I personally love a ceiling fan in my room but have lived in rentals myself with both fan and no fan so I thought I'd reach out to see what others personally do and if people find them to be huge problems or not.

Thanks for the feedback!

We always install ceiling fans (with lights) in every bedroom and usually in the living and dining rooms. They're not that expensive and I think makes tenants happy. Our rentals are B or C class SFR. Make sure the structure/box that the fans are mounted to are robust enough to support the fan. It would be pretty bad to drop one of these on your sleeping occupant.

Ceiling fans are definitely a great option for your properties. Our tenants love having fans (with lights) to help circulate air. Definitely would recommend given they can safely be installed and supported  as John mentioned above. 

It actually depends. There are certain areas in the house where you can install ceiling fans with light such as the reception or living room area. One reason is not only about air flow, it also adds aesthetic appeal to that portion of the house. But not all rooms of the house need ceiling fan.  

Depends on the property and your area. You cannot attach them to the same box as a regular light so make sure you have the properly mounted electric box required.  Some areas they are nice to have but remember they are one more thing to go wrong. I prefer to have overhead electric lighting but some areas it is required. If you are going to install overhead lighting in your region might as well add a fan.

Since your property is a house then ceiling fans are a nice add on, usually for apartment rentals I would only have ceiling lights for maintenance purposes but for houses it’s a good add.