Finding brrrr deals 2021

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Happy new year fam!

My partner and I are against the wall at the moment. We’re having A very tough time sourcing good deals to brrrr.

We are relatively new at this, but we have all our ducks in a row and educated ourselves and are ready to go with the strategy. However the biggest setback we are having is lead generation for deals. 

We are primarily looking in Florida since that’s where I live (but open to other areas), and we have some agents looking as well as wholesalers. none of the wholesalers have had much inventory and the realtors don’t seem to grasp this concept enough and keep sending homes at market value from mls.

Would you consider foreclosures? If so, I need to educate myself on them. Any other tips or advice to increase flow into the funnel? Much appreciated.

Wholesalers are probably your biggest and best bet to get lead generation. Foreclosures and courthouse listings are good as well, although like you mentioned may take some additional research to see how the process works in your area.

If you haven't already done so, connecting with more wholesalers through local REI meetups and FB groups is a great way to get leads.

In NC I would travel to areas that I wanted to invest in and network with the locals, get yourself a few bird dogs. if you find one that is hungry they will convince everyone on their block to sell.

Something I'm looking at myself right now because leads are tight or expensive, is doing my own marketing and lead generation. May take more time to get the systems up and running, but in the long term you cut out the middle man and get your name out there!

Best of luck!