Houston, Texas Market

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I’m looking to learn more about the Houston, Texas market! I want to network with investors who have investment properties here and agents that work in this area! Any information will be great help!

Hey @Anthony Holloway ! Are you planning to make the move to Houston, or invest remotely? I'm in the process of moving to Houston (likely the wests side), and would love to connect. I have a couple other pro's in the area that I've met with that I could also connect you with.


@Paul Leavitt Hi Paul! Looking to invest remotely but my two partners might move there. Looking for more people to connect with in the Houston market so I would love to connect with the people you have meet.

Hi Anthony,

Hope you are doing well.  I will be glad to help answer any questions you have.  I have a property management company here as well as I invest in my own portfolio independent of my PM company.  Please feel free to reach out to me and will be glad to spend some time to answer any questions you may have.

Good day Anthony and everyone, I'm in Houston, TX since 2006 and now have a reliable quality rehab construction company and working on getting into my own investments myself along with doing rehabs and home remodels for others keeping the 3 crews busy and growing. I'm well connected and respected, we are in a building phase now so I'll be getting more involved in BP and other platforms. As well as networking events when they get going again....Let's connect, would love to see how we can add value to each other

@Anthony Holloway My family used to live in Houston, and it has some great pockets!  Just keep in mind that many areas flooded out with Harvey and the Tax Day Flood, so be sure to ask questions when looking at properties.