Brrrr method refinancing advice

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Ok I’ll try to be quick and to the point.

I bought a single family 2 years ago in WV that also came with an ADU in which the ADU is zoned for commercial and the single family is zoned for residential. The ADU was simply an empty shell on the inside once used as business space. I finished the 560 sf adu and it's currently rented as a one bedroom apartment. I was tight on cash when I done the renovation so I put it on a credit card thinking I could pay off the card once I refinanced. Back last year I lost my job as a sales engineer due to covid so I decided it was time for a career change and I went and got my real estate license so I am now working as a contractor and not a W2. I went to refinance with a local lender and they won't count my income currently because it's not on a tax return so they are only counting my wife's income (she's a contractor too). Our income is now showing up as 50% of what it was on the tax returns, they are denying us a refi because debt to credit limits.... based on my comps in the area I have forced appreciation up 50-60k from what I paid initially to market value now. I have about $15k in the renovation because I done the work myself. My question is should I keep calling more lenders to see if I can find a more liberal criteria or should I just take out an unsecured loan to get the funds off of my credit card?

I would call around to some local lenders. Look for banks with the fewest branches in the area. You don't fit any of the boxes for a traditional refinance so most lenders are going to shy away. 

@Josh Harold Call more lenders. There are some that will be able to provide a loan based on bank statements showing income and rent roll. The issue might be however that the appraisal value won't consider the ADU in value and your appraisal, the main driver for the ARV on the refi won't be as high.

@Chris Levarek

At the end of the day I invest for cash flow ultimately. By the time I pay closing costs for a refi it may not make sense to refinance to regain 15k but my goal was to pull out the Reno cost plus my cash I initially put in the deal. I have got to get smarter. I was listening to Grant Cardone and it sounds like he recommends buying investment properties as primary residences and before they close “change your mind” that you don’t want to live there after all but continued to closing. By doing this he is getting loans with as little as 3% down instead of the 15-20% like I paid. Just have to keep plowing forward