Whats the Ideal property for a Brrrr?

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Hi Guys,

So I’m starting my 3rd property, but I want to try the Brrrr strategy. My question is what property demographics should I search for when doing the Brrrr strategy? (I.e) number of Beds & Baths.

@Tyrese George I don't think the configuration is that big of a deal but it may be a consideration depending on your market. If a 3/2 is significantly worth significantly more, or rent significantly more, then may be worth getting that over a 2/1 or a 3/1. At the end of the day, if the numbers make sense, then go for it!

@Tyrese George  thanks for posting! Always great to hear from a fellow Texan. Bigger Pockets does have some good state specific forums and Texas is their most active forum. Feel free to post there if you ever need some more "local" advice about things.

Generally speaking we target 3 bedroom 2 bath homes in Texas.  This covers the vast majority of renters in our markets.  A 4 bedroom is nice as well but the 1 bath thing usually means that a family won't desire it as strongly as a 2 bath home.  So 3/2 would be a good target for you.  Feel free to post anything else if you need.  Thanks!

Just base it off numbers. Properties with less bed/baths will have a little higher turnover typically. The rental market is on fire here so a smaller bed/bath count doesn't delay renting it out