Analyze BRRRRs? The numbers always look stellar!

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Hey folks, I'm looking for some help on metrics for analyzing BRRRRs. Using my standard CoCs, Debt Service, ROIs, etc, I'm struggling with how to not have the numbers look amazing. With no money in or very little, ROI goes to infinite soooo, what am I missing? Do others have better methods? Or should I purely look at cash flow and call it a day?

@Michael Koch Seven property portfolio today 3 years after we started real estate investing, 5 of which were/are BRRRRs.  You're right, the infinite returns make them, for us, no brainers.  We keep BRRRRing because a) we've sought rapid portfolio growth and b) all have penciled out as more than $200/mo cash flow (to start), c) we're seeking the longer-term returns, i.e. we do not need the cash flow today.

If we can find them--they are harder to find these days--we buy them.  

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