Sacramento meetups virtual/in person

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Hello all,

My name is Daniel I am looking to connect with local investors in the Sacramento area. I know there is a West Sac and Folsom meetups thats has happened but the forum seems to have no updates. Does any know if there are meetups still? If not I’m more than willing to organize one for anyone that is interested in getting something going. Please let me know and thank you in advance!

@Daniel Molina A Folsom meetup was scheduled for Thursday, November 19th however it was canceled last minute due to the meeting venue (Out of Bounds Brewery) suffering a sewer issue that evening.

@Daniel Molina Nothing scheduled that I know of. Virtual would really be a great idea. Seems like it is a more convenient venue that way and we would likely have more people attend. It would also make it easier for us to share documents, screens, etc. Last round I printed a significant amount of information that I thought would help attendees and unfortunately couldn’t use it due to the cancellation.