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Hey everyone! @Kathy Armstrong and I have decided to have this next meet up as a social hour. It will be just like the very first meet up we had, It will be at CHAMPS BAR&GRILL in Las Colinas TX, 855 West John W. Carpenter Frwy, Las Colinas, TX ?.

It will be on Thursday December 5th at 7:00 pm! Come hungry or thirsty! All we ask is you purchase either a meal or just a drink.

Thanks everyone for your support and following the meet ups! We look forward to seeing new faces and also old ones! The SOCIAL meet ups are always VERY FUN because everyone can talk and socialize for the entire time and have a few drinks or *Liquid Courage*!

If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email.

O...M...G...If I don't make it to this one I am going to flip...a property to make myself feel better....

JK I have a 2 week vacation from the world around that time so I should be able to plug back in and make it...Keep the mistletoe away this time...please!

See you guys there!

Awesome! Looks like we should have a great turn out! Remember the more the merrier! Spread the word. I want this meet up to be GREAT! The only way Kathy and I are able to keep up with these monthly meet ups is because of the COMMUNITY that ATTENDS. So thanks for the help!

This meet up will give you all a great chance to meet and chat with a lot of different investors! Investors who do buy/flip, rentals , land, mobile homes, apartments etc....!

@James Mudd room opposite end of building from front door.

Put me down as a maybe. Don't think I want to be driving a rear wheel drive sports car with wide tires if the ground freezes.

Hope the weather is better by Saturday ... I'm supposed to go see some apartment complexes.

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