West LA - Santa Monica Casual Meetup Interest?

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Happy Friday everyone,

Just gauging interest on an informal West LA/Santa Monica meetup of BP members? Perhaps gathering after work at a local bar (perhaps Charleston or Bruhaus) for a Q&A among participants?

Inspired after listening to the latest podcast.



My pleasure Coty and thank you for the support (and for adding keywords :D )

Keywords: West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, meetup, networking

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I'll leave this thread up to discuss possibilities. If you folks sort out an actual meeting, details will need to be posted in the Real Estate Events and Happenings forum.

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Looks like we're tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 15th at the same Venice Grind that Ali's last meetup took place.

3pm-4pm - meet and greet

4pm - on - table discussions

@Coty Leon and @Jeff Greenberg will be leading the topic discussions. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions.

Look forward to meeting everyone.