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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently searching for a Boston area real estate mentor. As a brief background, I graduate this spring so I have about a month before I will begin working again full-time.

What you get:
- 20 to 30 hours per week of unpaid labor, which can be anything real estate/landlord-related of your choosing. Whether you want me to sit on the MLS scanning properties all day or you want me running back and forth to your properties handling day-to-day issues, I can do it. I live in Brighton and can acess any part of the city via car or T.

- Potential partner/investor in the near future. I am currently finishing paying off student loans, but my day-time job pays $150,000+ per year pretax. I plan on using a large percentage of discretionary income for real estate investing.

What I am looking for:
- A Boston area real estate investor with at least 7 years experience and 4+ properties.

- An investor focused on long-term growth and cash flow (not wholesaling, flipping properties). Buy and hold investors.

- Someone that can offer me an inside of look at the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. I will work incredibly hard for you in exchange for a legitimate education on how you operate your business.

I understand that this post will bring a lot of referrals to the Starting Out forum page, or to the How to Find a Mentor page. I've done a lot of reading and decided I want hands-on experience, so until I can regularly meet real estate investors in person (I will be attending the Black Diamond meeting in the near future), this is how I am searching for a mentor.

If you believe that you may have an opportunity, please send me a message so that we can discuss further.

Thanks so much,


Hey Bill,

Welcome to BP. While I'm not the mentor you are looking for, I'm always game for discussing the Boston rei markets and trends. Inside city limits is definitely a different animal than even the 'Greater Boston' area. I'm a leasing agent in Allston so I work with a ton of buy and hold investors. Also working on a couple buy and hold projects of my own

Best of luck

Hi @Bill Schollmeyer

@Paul Timmins knows a ton of people, and he is a nice guy. Go Eagles!

Note, you have to bring something to the relationship to the mentor.

Think about it from the mentor's perspective.


And others

My #1 point as I coach in cheap markets like Pitt PA, Cleveland OH, etc, is...

How can you bring incredible value to someone that you want to teach you how to fish, not just get fed today?

Think Rich Dad Poor Dad. Will you work for knowledge instead of cash?

@Bill Schollmeyer

Come down to the Taunton REIA meeting next Tuesday I will introduce you around.

I took someone to last nights Rockland meeting in 10 minutes I located 250K for her next deal, a self directed custodian who will allow her to pitch real estate to his clients and an expert at mortgage planning who will develop strategies for her.

Not a bad start. Her team building got a great jump start!


@Nick Luongo
Thanks so much for reaching out- I'll shoot over a few questions I have regarding the Boston neighborhoods market, since I'm sure you have a pretty good pulse having years of experience as an agent here.

@Brian Gibbons
Thank you for referring me to Paul. I'm not sure if you didn't see in my post, but I stated that I offered to work 20-30 hours/wk of unpaid labor in exchange for knowledge, as well as capital in the near future, so I'm aware of bringing value to others as well.

@Paul Timmins
Wow, that sounds incredible! Thank you for the invite, I truly appreciate it. I'll be in FL for a conference this Sunday-Wednesday, but I'll hop on and be sure to catch the next one.

I'm from Arlington so it's one big Beam Pot anyway!

Hey @Bill Schollmeyer Welcome again and good luck, Mike

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