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Hello. As a RE professional, I run into many different types of people. Most carry the same underlying interests in real estate investing. I realize that many of my associates could help one another and that there is a definite need for a networking event.

Would there be any interest in forming a super casual BP meetup group in Columbus?

I would provide a location and establish a monthly meeting with a simple itinerary.

Please share your thoughts. This event will be free, of course.

I would be interested in meeting some Cbus BPers face to face.

I was talking to someone else about having a REI hAppy hour. Super casual all about networking. No one selling their "system". Let me know we can put something together. Bar Louie has a great happy hour with a good amount of space !

great idea @Steve Baldwin I would definitely be interested in a monthly meetup group like this

Great! Sounds like there is definitely some interest out there. I will call around and check out about renting some space. I'm thinking we get together in a couple weeks, maybe the first Monday of the month. Stay tuned and spread the word! Thanks!

Also, I wanted to roll off a few keywords of surround areas so that they may join the event: Delaware, Johnstown, Sunbury, Columbus, Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, Powell.

I would be interested in coming and seeing how everything is going. Could be a great group as one of the other local ones is "core" and it has a meeting fee. I think instead of going and renting a space we could see if someone would " hold" a space we could use knowing that we will being people to eat/drink.

@Steve Baldwin please be sure to post in the Real Estate Events and Happenings forum if you actually set a date.

@Steve Baldwin

I wish I could attend.

Please connect as our group is moving to Ohio soon to start operations there.

Starting in Toledo and will move into Columbus and Dayton early next year.

Thanks and have a great day.

I would be up for it.

@Steve Baldwin - I too would be interested. I agree with Jeremy - there are places where we can just reserve a back room at no fee. We do that at Yogi's on Hard Road for work happy hours a few times a year. We easily get 30-40 people in that space.

@Steve Baldwin , I'm also interested in a local meetup. Please keep us informed as you lock down date/location.

@John Horner and I have been making plans for this very thing. We have been talking about some mostly agendaless. Meet people and maybe a time for each to talk about what they are up to or ask questions of eachother to help all invest better. We would certainly come.

@Pam R. I will give Yogi's a call. That's exactly the type of place I was thinking as I want to keep the group free.

@Brian R. @John Horner Glad you guys were thinking the same thing, could be beneficial for all of us around Columbus. I am thinking a super quick agenda, like a brief intro round, an offer and a need in services (in about 15 seconds).

@Jon Holdman I will be sure to post it in the events. Thanks for the heads up.

@Engelo Rumora Keep in touch, I am hoping to make this a monthly event.

Thanks all!

I'm interetsed as well, please keep us in the loop with any updates. Thanks

@Steve Baldwin I was thinking something very similar in terms of agenda. I would suggest creating a Meet Up group on Not everyone will know to check BP.

I'd be interested. Would selfishly prefer nw cbus location.


@Bryan Williamson , you read my mind! I literally just created a group on Meetup.

Should be a good time, don't forget to spread the word!

Sounds great, Steve. What time on April 7?

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