Looking for a new realtor in the NW Houston Texas area

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We are moving from California later this summer to this area for my wife's work (just outside The Woodlands), we are going to look around The Woodlands (just outside)/Conroe/Magnolia areas for a 5-10 acre property for our own home. So we need a realtor that can work with us on this and single family rental properties that could be anywhere in NW Houston.

If anyone knows of a realtor or builder with good rates let us know. I would also like to meet other people in the area. We already checked the area out just after Christmas so I know the place pretty good and where we want to live.

Thank you!


Well it's been more than 24 hours, I would have thought someone in the Houston area could help me. It's really hard to do this from 1,500 miles away and pick the right people without some recommendation.

And why was my post edited to remove some of it?

I assume it's spring break here in Houston plus we have Rodeo going on right now so everyone is out of the BP to have fun now.

I can recommend one realtor that I used before on my previous transactions. His name is Ken Hunter. He's great at NW of Houston. That's where all my rentals are now.

You can find him easily on HAR or even google.

Tracy Nicola is located in Woodlands and is a great source. Message me for her contact info. Best of luck!

Go to har.com and search for realtors and look for Carl Collins (which is me) and you can view my ratings there. Let me know if you have any questions and how I can help. By the way I just joined today and am going to the Rodeo on Thursday!

Thank you everyone for the replies I really appreciate it! I had forgot about har.com, I found out about it when I was at The Woodlands information center.

I will check it out in the next week or so, I have been so busy trying to get my properties ready to sell I haven't had much time for research.

Does anyone know of a good loan broker or affordable contractor that can build our new home? Or where to look for these people? I have found that the loan brokers around here like to loan locally and the one we use will not lend on homes in Texas.

HAR.com seems to be the most up-to-date site for listings I have found in the Houston area. They have great search and bookmark features.

I forgot I have the HAR app on my iPad and iPhone too.

har.com is the best place to look for listings. I dont have a preferred realtor in that part of town, but if you are looking for rental properties up there please reach out to me. I get a few in that part of the world every year.

Is your wife moving into the new Exxon campus?

My wife works for HP from home, her boss is out of the Bay Area CA office. I need a realtor in the area we are looking in that specializes in working with investors. This works out better for us because the realtor knows the area well and they will not have to drive so far.

I spent a week scouting all around the Northwest area and the housing varies widely in age, upkeep and taxes. The tax deal baffles me because the prices are all over the place for basically the same type of home on the same size lot and the same age.

For our own home we are looking for 5-15 acres with a nice sized ranch home on it, not in a flood plane with the ability to build another home on the property and it needs tax exemptions close to The Woodlands. ( within 15 miles as this is the area we want to call home )

I noticed that many rural properties have ponds on them, I am assuming this is done to use the dirt for raising the grade of the home to avoid having flood insurance.

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