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Hey Everyone,

New to the REI community. I'd love to find a solid group around Seattle to network with. I'm specifically interested in investing in multifamily homes in the Seattle area.

Any tips/ideas of where to get started?


Hi Alex,

Welcome to BP! By far the best REI tool on the web.

I am from the Seattle area (work downtown, live in Lake Stevens) and am always looking to network. In fact, there's a meet-up in Lynnwood on 4/3 at 6:30. Here's the link to learn more:

To get started I suggest that you checkout the Learn tab above and read the great articles this website provides. Also the podcasts are a goldmine. Tons of great info.

You mentioned the Seattle area as your primary focus. Are you sticking within city limits are venturing north or south? Seattle is a very competitive market and finding properties that cashflow can be difficult unless you are buying very large multis. It's definitely not impossible, but much more difficult than other locations.

Hope that helps!


What Chris said is great, I also go to that. REAPS, NAIOP, RHA are all others locally to Seattle.

Hello @Alex Kelly +1 on @Christopher Bowen 's comments on the state of the Seattle multifamily market.

There are a couple real estate investment associations who tend to be guru of the month type organizations but the networking and local knowledge are the real value.

REAPS (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound)

REIA (Real Estate Investors Association of Washington)

To take your apartment networking to the next level go hang out with apartment owners, operators and those who provide services and products to apartments: the landlord associations. There won't be a lot of how to invest (get that here on BP) but there will be a ton on what to do once you acquire one plus market, economic and political factors that effect apartments are covered.

Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound

Washington Apartment Association

Washington Multifamily Housing Association

Washington Landlord Association

Some are more focused on smaller properties, some on different parts of the state, some have better networking, some have more educational programs, some have great speakers at their events. WMFHA is affiliated with the NAA (National Apartment Association) and is oriented to larger properties but has great events and education.

Good hunting-

@Alex Kelly

Welcome to BP. I'm up in Kirkland. Check out the "Learn" tab up top. Lots of info. There's another REA - REIA of Washington. I haven't checked it out yet but might be good.

@Zach Schwarzmiller and @Christopher Bowen it looks like the SnoCo meetup is finally happening on a date we can make so we're planning on going then and hope to meet you guys.

Hi guys,

My name is Katherine Swanberg and I am the Executive Director of REAPS (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound). We are one of the largest Associations for investors in the nation and have meetings all over Puget Sound. If you want to come check out a meeting for free you can get our calendar here:

I'm available at [email protected] if you want to be my guest to a meeting just let me know. OR, you can pre-register and use promo code "bigger" at checkout to attend your first meeting for free.

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