I need referals in the Clermont/Orlando Florida Area.

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Hello everyone, I am in the need for a few trustworthy contractors in the Clermont / Orlando Area. My mother has a house in Clermont and in order to help her out and gain a little more rehab type experience, I am going to be managing a few projects for her so that she can sell in the next few months. My main areas of need are below.


2. Flooring (tile or hardwood)

3. Painter (exterior and interior)

4. Cabinets (either refinishing or replacing, not sure yet)

My main requirement is that they be trustworthy and that they do quality work with little to no hand holding. The house is vacant and I am about 2 hours away so I would rather not have to drive down there to give instructions about every little thing. Tech savvy and able to interact through email would be a plus but not a deal killer as long as I can reach them by phone easily.



If you don't get any direct leads through here, I'd suggest contacting 4-5 contractors off of Angie's List and/or Craigslist and asking each the exact same set of questions (timing of work, scope of work, timing of payment, etc.) and then selecting the one that fits your needs the best.

I typically don't work with contractors that do not text...nothing personal, but I can't be taking phone calls all day but can quickly read and respond to a text message. I haven't found many that constantly monitor email, so I wouldn't necessarily use that as a deciding factor unless you absolutely have to communicate by email.

Tom Scott- How soon do you need them? I'm just starting some homes and also a 500 foot addition on my new home here but will be gone nearly 2 months, so my input would come after that. Rich

I'm looking to start work in the next month or so. I appreciate your input though.


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You should check out the Next REIA meeting in Orlando

04/09/2014 at Orlando Science Center 777 E. Princeton, Orlando, FL 32803 (no affiliation)

Speak to a few investors there, this will help you avoid trial and error.


I am probably not in the market for a GC. The project is small enough I can mange it by myself without footing the bill for a GC. If he would be willing to pass along the numbers for some of his subs that would be great but otherwise I'm afraid the job just doesn't call for that level of supervision.


I appreciate the invite, but I'm no longer int he Orlando area and though the meeting may be educational, I just can't justify the trip for such a small project.


Scott, I live in Clermont and am happy to share some names. I've got a great roofer, and some knowledge of various trades. PM me and I'll pass along the info.


The agent I will be referring you should be able to help you with these needs. Any agent/broker worth their salt will be able to get you the people you need for these types of repairs/work.

@Tom Scott I am in orlando and I have some numbers that I have used myself, PM me if you are interested.

@Tom Scott Whom ever you hire make sure you or someone you appoint will go by the property a minimum of every other day.

Unfortunately, contractors have to be watched close, especially If you will not be using a GC.

Long distance monitoring and text messaging will not cut it. A one month job could turn into a 3-4 month job easy.

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