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Are you in Orange County, or a neighboring city? Let's start a meetup! Hopefully we can make it something like a monthly, or quarterly event (feed back please - we'll see what most prefer, I know people are busy)

Please, leave your comments, and answer the following.

  • Where are you located?
  • How far are you willing to drive for a meet up?
  • How often would you want to meet?
  • Do you want to float meetings to various areas, or keep in one city? (we can take turns setting it up in our area)
  • What type of investing do you do?
  • What would you like the meet up to include? (guest speaker, networking, time to pitch deals on properties, or?) However there will be absolutely NO SELLING your wares (books, mentorships, etc., this is strictly for networking purposes to help each other move forward in our investing journey, put deals together, pick each others brains, etc.)


Updated almost 5 years ago

NOTE: If there's just too many meetups already, and you'd prefer to meet the BP members at one of those, post that too! I've just had people asking about a meetup of BP members in O.C., etc. and looking for a way to make it happen. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!?

Hi Karen - I was disappointed that you did not show up to the first meet-up that Ellis San Jose (FIBI co-founder) hosted this past December.

The L.A. Basin has no shortage of real estate clubs and groups. What do you propose would be different than any of the groups currently active?

Show me a group of active investors and I'd be interested.

I might be in a month - if I can find a place to live

@Rick H. I totally understand what you mean. At the same time, I'd love to get to meet the BP members from this area. It may be that doing it at another one of the meet ups is the way to go, and that's perfectly fine! I was out of town for Ellis' meeting. I'll have to get to one.

Hi @karen margrave.

I would be interested, i already attend multiple meetups in Irvine (ocre) (OC Fibi). I haven't really seen any in the north orange county area, so that might be a place to target.

I think deals, and just stories of how individuals have gotten started, and what they are currently working on.

Hi Karen, I am base din South OC and would love to attend any meet up. I think somewhere elite Irvine is great because it's in the middles for people in the north and south. For myself, i would really like to have a meet up for the purpose of networking, especially for me finding wholesalers that actually have off MLS deals to sell. There is enough of these meet ups with speakers already and most of the time, it is the same information be rehashed over and over.

Morning bump. Good morning everyone! I see we're going to get rain this week. Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

Great article in todays Orange County Register regarding REI clubs. The article even quotes Joshua Dorkin and mentions BiggerPockets. I would love a local meeting and I live in Garden Grove.

Hi Karen, count me in! Meeting up somewhere in middle Orange County will probably work best for everyone. I think the meet-up would be great if we can find a good balance of people who have deals to present and people who have money to invest. Plus, some background and educational info would be nice too. :)

Thanks for trying to set this up Karen.

Hey Karen!

I would be interested. I am currently flipping and could fit into the 'people who have money to invest' category. My office is in Costa Mesa

Everyone who matters, and plenty of people who don't, already go to either Shawn's clubs (the last Wed and Fri of the month in Anaheim and Tustin respectively) and/or Kaaren's club (I've been to that one once and I think it's on Thu night's and I know it is in Costa Mesa).

Shawn's format is cool because he interviews the speaker and you get some interactivity with the Q&A. He's also got pull with the Bruce's and Sean's of the world, so you actually get to hear some useful info while there. There's a lot of newbies, but I don't blame Shawn for providing a quality product and attracting a large demographic.

Kaaren's club was awesome the one time I went, mainly because there were two securities attorneys doing a mini-panel on the distinctions between all of the different Reg D options and whether that was appropriate versus a Reg A. Not something the newbies would care about or be able to execute, but very useful stuff for a guy like me who had just completed a Reg D and will be doing another offering soon.

As always, the real networking happens after the meeting at the bar.

My vote would be, as it always is, to add on to one of these meetings instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

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