Any good title companies in san antonio?

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Hi everyone, i was looking around for any "investor friendly" title companies in san antonio? Any recommendations?

The most investor-friendly title company I have used in San Antonio is Independence Title on Austin Highway, Escrow Agent Laurel Stuckey. They work with a lot of investors, and the escrow fee on cash transactions is only $250. I say this ultimate confidence I closed 70+ transactions last year and several were with Independence. They were easy to work with and understood double close and assignment transactions. Second would be Alamo Title - Laura Riley. I closed several with her last year and she is very familiar with double close and assignments.

Hope this helps.


Thanks alot seth, i will definately look into them both. Do you still invest here in san antonio?

I agree with Seth. Laurel Stuckey at Independence is very investor friendly.

@Alex Rivas I do still invest here in SA. I buy, sell, wholesale, flip, and own a couple rentals. I'm actually looking to get into buying owner-finance deals and selling notes, but I am couple months out from having everything set up.

I am currently looking for off-market flips or rentals for a few of my clients. If you have anything, let me know.


i sure will seth! Is the 210-628-9373 a good number to contact you?

@Alex Rivas Yes that number will get my cell phone. For texts, send it to 3146624084.

@Seth Teel I in the process of putting a team in place to invest in San Antonio (the Austin market is too crowded with competition) and will putting out mailers for San Antonio today. I mainly focus on subject - to deals, is Independence Title familiar with working those types of transactions?

I have not worked with her yet but I have been referred numerous times to Escrow Officer, Angela Marrero with Providence Title (on Sonterra Boulevard) by local agents and investors. I briefly spoke with her a few days ago and she was real familiar with assignments and double closings. I was told they handle these kinds of transactions all the time. I plan to work with her on future deals.

@Joseph Murders Laurel Stuckey at Independence is familiar with subject-to deals. I was actually referred to her by some guys that do a lot of those.

@Alan King Not to knock Angela Marrero, because she can definitely handle anything and is prompt and professional, but Providence -Sonterra, has some of the highest escrow fees and BS "other fees" I've ever seen. They run a good shop, but just too expensive for me.

@Seth Teel thanks for the info. I was not aware of the higher fees. Sounds like Independence may be a better choice. I definitely have more homework to do.

And of yall ever work with First American??

@Dusty Warner From time to time I use First American, Nefi Miramontes. They do a lot of work for investors, and since they are a national title company they have some client tools that are pretty cool to use for researching properties, loans, etc. Their marketing and business development head, Rodeana Reynolds is awesome; she is a value ad for her great costomer service.

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