Can anyone suggest a good RE agent in Baltimore, MD?

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I'm looking to buy rental property in Baltimore soon, and I'm hoping to connect with a good agent who knows the area and can show me some good cash flowing options for sfh and small multifamily houses closer in to the center of the city. Has anyone had a good experience with an agent in Baltimore?

I'm also open to deals without an agent, but if an agent can find a nice cash-flowing 3-4plex (or any very good sfh rentals) I'd be glad to have the assistance.



I think you would have better luck finding the rental you want by going to a local Baltimore REIA meeting. There are several REIAs in the area. I bought my first two duplexes from a guy I met at the Baltimore REIA.

Raj is honest and knows the Baltimore market really well


I highly recommend Tim Karns. We are about to close on a deal in Baltimore City. He knows his stuff and is always on top of it. All 38 of his reviews on Redfin are 5 stars. Let him know that I sent you. He is super responsive.


me, I own 30 + rentals all over the city and know the difference between good and bad areas/blocks from both a first and second hand perspective. I know about maintenance/ construction costs/needs from a first hand perspective as well, having rehabbed nearly all of my rentals myself. Feel free to give me a call at your convenience, if interested. 443 801 3319

Thanks everyone! I'll follow up as I'm able.


Denise Uhrin at Ultimate Homes Reality (Google her website). She knows the city and if you are ever entertaining renting to Section 8, I'd consider her a go-to person.

I have sold a property to one of Raj' clients. Raj was very good with follow up and being professional.

I know Denise Uhrin pretty well. While I have never done business with her, I would not hesitate to.

Also consider @Nancy Roth who is a member here. She regularly deals with investors. I spoke to one of her clients recently ad he spoke highly of her.

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