Real Estate Agent in South Florida

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good agent in South Florida? I'm looking for duplex investment property in Broward/Dade area. Any advice much appreciated!


Hi @Michael Broderick.

Yes, I am focused on commercial & residential investments in Miami & Broward.

I'd be happy to help you. Call or email me anytime to discuss. 305 906 2577. [email protected]

Thanks for the recommendation, @Michael Jobe !

Thanks for the recommendation Michael Jobe!

How do you link names?

@Michael Broderick Hey no problem buddy good luck with your search. For the mentions, after you type the '@' sign wait a second & a box with all the anames should pop up at the bottom of your dialogue box. Click on the name and make sure it's highlighted in blue. Be careful not to put any punctuation directly after the name or it will cancel out the mention (e.g. Jessica's post where she mentioned you then immediately followed with a period so it cancelled the mention).

Michael, for some reason nothing is coming up when I type the "@" sign.. Maybe it's my browser. Thanks anyway!

@Michael Broderick  , you have to start typing the name you want to mention. After the first 3 letters the list will (should) pop up. It will list posters and your colleagues that start with the same letters. 

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