Enterprise, AL

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Just trying to find anyone from southern Alabama who knows a little bit about the local market there in the Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark area.

Hi Jason, Seems you're at Ft. Rucker! I went through my ATC training there and was a TAC NCO for the WOCs in flight school, lots of fun in aviation! I lived in Dothan and the highlight was going through a trailer park getting a couple families out in my Volvo wagon during a hurricane, had to drive over a wire fence through the trees due to other fallen trees to get out. Finally got to a motel where they were putting people in a community room. Large windows were bowing in and had to hold a table against it to keep it from breaking! All ended up okay. Have a couple other memories of those days, but better not go into those here (LOL).

I don't know what any closing schedule might be, but my guess would be that Rucker won't be closed, never know, but there is infrastructure there that probably won't be left.

Buy and hold is usually a gold mine around military areas, sales have always been stable with military turnover. Everything else I know is ancient history. Good luck ! :)

Hello Jason,  I have lived in Ozark, Alabama for over 30 year so am very familiar with the area if you are still needing information just message me and I will be glad to help.

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