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Hi all,

I don't want to bore everyone with a story of why I need a new CPA firm this late in the year. I live in Atlanta, and have used a large firm in Utah for the last several years for our taxes, but that firms turned into a bit of a tax mill now, and the customer service is no longer there.

I reached out to a few CPA's on BP, but haven't had any success there either. At this point, I'm really looking for a good CPA Firm that has someone that is dedicated to answering a phone, and taking information. I don't mean that to be sarcastic, but I've been quite surprised at how many CPA's don't have receptionist, and the the messages just go to voice mail with no return calls.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I recommend Keystone CPA based out of Orange, CA. They can work virtual no problem. Amanda Han is one of the partners and she writes blogs on BP. I've used them for years and love them. They are great with real estate investors and very easy to communicate with.

Thanks Ali, she's the first one I went to. No return e-mails or voice mails, and no one to take messages. I really had hoped to use her firm.

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@Thomas Williamson @Ali Boone I'm in the OC and met with 3 CPA's this year. Keystone by far seemed the most knowledgeable about RE taxes and the likes but they quoted me at $1k for my tax return plus another $1.5k?? for planning(optional obviously). I don't make much and only have one property so that's too much for me, I want someone in the $500 range.

Ended up doing my taxes myself but still on the hunt for a good CPA mainly to bounce some ideas around and make sure I'm taking full advantage of everything I'm entitled to.

@Nick Grieco Do you have a website?

@Harry Campbell , is my firms website. It's pretty much just a template website offered by our tax return preparation software provider but it does include contact info and some other useful info.

Will PM you the contact for my CPA in Atlanta...

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