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Hey guys, we are looking at a property that needs a garage built as the one that was there was torn down awhile back. It is a detached garage, and will be VERY basic, probably just a one car garage. I was curious to hear from some of you that have done this what the approx. cost was, I know there are many factors but just ballpark would be awesome. Looking to have a company that builds storage sheds, garages, etc. come in and knock this out quickly. Also, the pad is already there. Thanks!

A garage is a box , any contractor should be able to build a basic garage rather quickly , price is regional .

@Justin Baker I agree with @Matthew Paul. Go online to "behmdesign" garage plans and you can get a good material cost (not inc permits,mechanicals, footings). Garages are huge deals here in NJ. Interesting tidbit. If I leave or find a home with a garage foundation with just the sill plate I can rebuild/repair a new one the same foundation no matter where it is on the property (regardless of zoning) in most cases. If I have to install a new foundation/pad/and sill plate then I must to conform to then current zoning and land use regs. (more restrictive). I had found/dugout and re-guvinated a foundation of garage/barn that was torn/fell down and got permission to use that footprint to "re-build"/ "renovate" a huge 6 car barn on a 75 x 100 lot that housed a 1200 sq ft ranch.

Prices will vary based on lots of things (location, type of contractor, materials, time of year, your negotiating skills, etc), but I've found that a good rule of thumb for a single-car detached garage is $10K.

It could be $5K, it could be $15K...but it's somewhere in there, and $10K is probably not too far off...

in my area a 2.5 car will be around 10k with everything, electric and pad. Keep in mind that there are plenty of companies that offer garage kits. The even come with the siding, shingles, door, windows, etc.

Go to and put zip 48185 just as a reference to see what prices we get here

Thanks for the help everybody, I really appreciate it. I have never dealt with that before and wasn't quite sure what the best way to move forward was. Great ideas and insight everyone.

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