Mapping gentrification in Philadelphia

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Thanks Eleena de L. This is great!!!!

This is very helpful of course as a new philly investor it also makes me second guess everything I do. Thanks for sharing!

hey @Eleena D.

Great job located this article! And thanks for sharing it. This map just confirms the location that i picked to invest. Thanks.

The color by % change is interesting. It makes a place like Society Hill look hot while Brewerytown look cold. Also makes me wonder how much work is being completed without a permit.

I think what Tim said is so important when thinking about Philadelphia. This map just reminds us about the realities of working in Philadelphia and taking into account how important methods of data mining are when putting out information. I wouldn't agree that tracking by building permits makes most sense for our area. Just stresses the need to be educated where yo work.

Originally posted by @Hilary Karaman:

hi, i am looking for a good inspector in Philly, would anyone know of one ?


I'll pm you some people I like.

Originally posted by Eleena de L.:
This is interesting - a kind of "heat map" showing where most of the construction activity is taking place in Philly, broken down by neighborhoods:

Construction Permits in Philly

Article explaining it here: Mapping Gentrification in Philly by Tracking Building Permits

thats an amazing map. is there a similar map showing the price changes?

Thanks Eleena de L. , this is pretty helpful.  Pretty nice they go back a few years as well.

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