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Hello to all BP members,

I am looking for real estate investor meetings in the Annapolis MD area.


Hey Richard,

I have had good luck going to and search for real estate investing in your area.

Looks for the "no sales pitch" groups.

I don't know if they have them there, but around here they have FIBI clubs (for investor by investors).


Brian thanks for the tip.


@Richard Palmer I know there is (or was) a meetup group that meets in Annapolis. If you are willing to travel a little bit there are a lot of groups in the Baltimore dc area.

Hey @Richard Palmer Thanks for introducing yourself! It's great to have you here! Don't miss The BiggerPockets Podcast - they are great for learning how others are finding success.

Oh - and be sure to set up some Keyword Alerts- especially for "Annapolis" so you'll be notified when people mention it here in the forums.

Thanks again for introducing yourself!

thanks Brandon,

I have been able to listen to two pod cast so far and have really enjoyed them. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for the tip on key words. I will do that as well.

Thanks again,


Ned thanks for the info. Baltimore is not that far. How do I get info when next meeting is?



Baltimore REIA



DIstric REIA

BWI Meetup - 2nd wed of month, in Columbia

Arbutus Meetup - (don't know official name run by Kenny Gills and Charles Blair) meets tomorrow morning

Google is your friend, you'll find them. Searching the "meetup site" may find others.

The Arbutus Meetup is known as the Real Deal Meetup. Both this and BWI meetups are free and totally set up for networking and education. No one is trying to sell you a course in these meetings. I usually attend both. The REIAs do have some free meetings; however, there are membership fees and if you are not a member the bulk of the meetings have a cost. I am a member of the Baltimore REIA.

thank you to Ned and Tyrus,

I will Goggle and see what I can come up with.


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