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(Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question - please let me know where I should post such questions.)

Hello BPers,

I am looking for recommendations on a trustworthy and reliable handyman to handle (hopefully) minor jobs in the DFW area (specifically FortWorth/Keller). The SFR I am renting out is new construction (built in 2013) so I don't expect to have any major problems that are not covered by warranty.

On a related note, are handymen generally licensed to do electrical and plumbing work? I need to get a ceiling fan installed at this SFR. Should I look for a handyman or an electrician?



Since it is a new construction you should not have any major work with the applicances that the builder gave you with the home. Your warranty should cover most of it and I don't think you are in the extended warranty period yet. However for a ceiling fan I would recommend using a licensed electrician, shouldn't be a major job if the wiring is already done for you and all you will need is a fan. I have had good luck looking for handymen or any other skilled and licensed labor on Angieslist.com. You can also look online to see if a person is licensed, if at any time he had his licensed revoked, cancelled etc on the state licensing dept website. Good luck


Thanks Deepak!

I found an electrician through yelp who seems to have reasonable prices ($85 to install the fan - it is already wired and blocked for the fan). If anyone is interested, I'll post an update when the work is completed.


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