Looking for contractors in Austin

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I have a small 1/1 condo in South Austin that is need of remodeling. Since I'm out-of-state, I am reaching out to the BP nation to recommend some contractors that I can contact to get some bids for renovation. Thanks!

If you send me an email I can get you introduced to who we use for this type of project.


Give us a call at Austin Houses 2 Homes, LLC or email at [email protected] Check us out at www.houses-2-homes.com and link to Facebook.


I'm in the South Austin area and would be glad to give you a hand, if you can tell me what you need done.

Thanks. BTW, S Austin is a great area where values are really taking off.

@Mike Walker I need to get my unit updated, from ripping out the floors to putting in wood floors, painting the walls, molding, changing countertops and cabinets in the kitchen to updating the bathroom. I need a contractor to get in there to give me a bid for the work I need. But, I'm still waiting on my tenants (who are moving out in June) to get back to me on when I can send bidders over there. Mike..what kinds of rehabs do you do? Do you have photos of your work? Thanks!

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