After the Rehab how do I list?

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Is it customary to list with an agent after you rehab or is it more common to sell by owner?

I sell mine with a Realtor. BTW, I am a Realtor.

Also an investor/agent here: I would list on MLS with an agent who has an aggressive marketing program. You need to expose the home to the highest # of buyers, and many studies have shown that sellling By Owner nets less than selling with an agent, commission being included

@Scott Lunn I agree with the other posts go with a realtor.

They have connections and resources that you would not even imagine(nor would have a interest in)

Remember most realtors do this full time FOR A LIVING and ONLY get paid if they perform.

Your main job is to find the busiest hottest realtors in your area and list with them.

I am not an agent but 99% of the time I sell a rehab, I list with an agent . I also stage it. This I have found, gives me maximum exposure.
Remember when crunching your numbers, I recommend you factor in 9% off of the sales price. 3% to buyers agent, 3 to sellers agent, and 3 for buyers closing cost. Not factoring the cost of selling with an agent bites Lots of new investors in the butt

It depends. Is the market where you are hot? If you have some experience with negotiating forms and the market is really moving, find a flat fee realty company that puts your home in the MLS and you do everything else. You still pay a buyer's agent, but you will get more exposure for the home. (Yes, this is a real estate agent saying this). If you can afford the time it takes to do it yourself, this isn't a bad option.

I only recommend this if you are experienced enough to protect your own interests in the transaction with knowledge of the forms and the process.

If the market is not moving quickly, you definitely need an agent.

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