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Hi All,

My family is only a month and a half away from moving back to Wisconsin. I wanted to see if you could recommend a good accountant in the Milwaukee area. With the move, a couple of rentals, and a change in careers to real estate agent, I want to make sure we don't miss anything on our taxes as well as plan for the future.

As always, Thanks!


Hey @Account Closed !

The only thing I can think of is to reach out to @Amanda Han she's a CPA in California, so I don't know if she services your area, but she specializes in real estate and real estate investing, so she may have a good referral.

Best of Luck!

Since you're moving in the area, Momberg and associates in Cedarburg are good.

Thank you both. I will reach out to Amanda and I will check out Momberg right now. I appreciate the help!

@Steven Hamilton is out of Chicago which is close to Milwaukee.

Thanks Dawn. I will send him a message too. Are many investors not using accountants and just preparing taxes by themselves?

@Account Closed  

I am on the search for a new tax person as well, did you ever land on Momberg or Steve Hamilton?

@Dave Carpenter  

I sent you a message. I have a guy in Mequon who I really like.

@Account Closed   

Are you still working with the accountant from Mequon? If so do you mind sharing contact info, I am also seeking an accountant in the Milwaukee area. 


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