Looking for Realtor in Lincoln/Rocklin CA

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Hi all! I've been on BP for a bit and I'm getting ready to relocate back to the Lincoln or Rocklin area NW of Sacramento. Anyone have good recommendations for a realtor in that area?



Are you looking to purchase for yourself or for investment?

melissa weiss, in lincoln, arrow realty.

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I have an enormous network of local re agents, what are you looking for? What's your goals?

Thanks everyone for the help. We're looking for a 4 BR home to live in while we're living in the area for the next 1-3 years. Schools are really important to us and we already have a 3 BR rental in Lincoln Crossing. We're looking hard at Whitney Ranch right now.

One of the main things I'm trying to gage is a reasonable estimate on the market rate for my house in Lincoln Crossing as we may put it on the market and use the cash from that to purchase something bigger.

It's a 2005, 1811 Sq Ft, 3 BR/2 Ba in LC. Single story and not a courtyard style home. Zillow says 261K and Trulia says 320k and I'm thinking it's probably somewhere in between, but I currently live in VA and I don't have a feel for the market energy and momentum right now.

I'm not an agent but own in Rocklin and am currently shopping for a new house also (as well as selling our current, but it's only 3 BR).

For what it's worth: When we bought in this area 3 years ago, Zillow was pretty much dead on. Now it seems to be a bit low, probably due to the fact that there just isn't much available. We had 3 CMAs from different agents for our house and two of them were about $30-40k higher than Zillows estimate. I haven't really looked at Trulia.

@Jason Flynn Thanks! That's very helpful. That confirms me in thinking mine might go for 290k or so, which seems reasonable...

foskett area is really selling well. Houses are selling within a week for over asking. Not many houses on the market. Zillow is low 20-30 k. Look up sold properties yourself on trulia or realtor

Will, I'm headed back too, but I'm bouncing straight overseas after requal. I'm selling my Plumas Lake home. I'm skeptical, but it looks like the prices are higher than I thought.

Anything under $300 is moving pretty quickly in the nicer suburbs around Sac. List for $299k and see what happens. I am sure you will get hit up by a ton of agents. The Keller Williams office in Roseville is extremely strong in Placer Co.

Thanks for the info, guys. This is definitely good news.

@Paul Wurster Hit me up while you're in the schoolhouse. I'm back in the early in early Jul. Good to see you on BP!

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