Realtor In Tampa Bay, FL area.

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I would like to link up with a realtor in the Tampa Bay, FL area soon. I am specially wanting to meet with someone with residential Real Estate Investing as a 'specialization' and is an investor themselves with multiple rental properties in the area.

It is very important to me that they can be able to advise on a variety of potential investment options and locations within the Tampa Bay Area and assist in making go-no-go decisions.



Hello Mwazanji,

Tampa Bay area is rather big and diverse. Realtors will typically specialize in a particular city or even in specific parts of cities. I know of several Realtors that fit your description in Pinellas County. Personally I do not, I only have one rental.

It all comes down to criteria. What are you looing for? Do you have any hard and fast rules or guidelines?


Hi Doug,

As I am not all that familiar with this area, I would like this individual to be my "trusted advisor" and provide me with as much investment advice as possible. Almost as though they were making an investment decision for themselves. That is very important to me. This individual must be able to provide leads that are not necessarily publicly available and has strong contacts. I will also rely on this individual for references to other local team members such as lawyer, handymen, accountant etc.

That being said, I am particularly interested in multifamily or condo/apartment (2 or 3 bedrooms and 2+baths) types of properties in middle income communities or fast growing areas for rental. May consider a SFH too if the deal absolutely makes it impossible to overlook.

I am somewhat familiar with Riverview, New Tampa and Wesley Chapel areas and perhaps would start from there. I am not necessarily familiar with Pinellas County and would never shy away from an excellent deal in this area.

I plan to relocate to the area by the end of the year if possible but can invest almost right away and will be visiting town in a couple of weeks or so.

Doug I appreciate your help thus far. Thank you very much for your response and interest in helping.

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