Looking for mentor in Oklahoma City area

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I am looking for a real estate guru that wouldn't mind sharing how to's and secrets of real estate investing. I have decent to good knowledge of real estate and find the topic very interesting. I took numerous classes in real estate when in college and have always wanted to get into real estate investing but didn't know exactly how to get started. I work full time and have a family so I understand the importance of someone's time. So please understand I do not want to waste your time as much as I don't want to waste mine. We can meet once in awhile or text, email or blog whatever is the best way for you and I to effectively communicate I am fine with it. If you are someone who is actively and successfully investing in real estate and wouldn't mind sharing stories, history, information, success and failures with, I would be highly appreciated to hear from you. Thanks

not sure i am a guru but be happy to chat with you any time you need and share thoughts on the okc market.

Welcome to BP from another Oklahoma City investor. I have a lot of experience but none of it in Edmond so if that's your target market, probably can't help much...

Welcome another okie. I think we need more information from you. What are you looking to do?

Do you have cash reserves you want to invest and be a landlord?

Do you have home-repair/contracting experience and you like the idea of flipping?


Do you not have much money to invest and Are you interested in wholesaling?

Before finding a mentor, you should really do the research and find what type of real estate investing peaks your interest. Good luck!

My wife and I have saved up a good amount in our savings. We are both interested in buying rental properties and holding them and becoming landlords. I have good DYI skills and have a father and brother in law in the business of home building and general contracting. I am afraid of wholesale properties mostly because lack of knowledge in the process. My wife and I are looking for properties in the OKC and greater metro area (Including Yukon, Norman, Moore, Warr Acres, Bethany). We both are wanting a small and inexpensive property to get out feet wet. Then start from there. However I want to make our saving stretch and buy more properties then spending it all on one. However I didn't know what kind of financing tricks there were or if it is black and white required to have 20% down on an investment property. Currently the only owns I can think of is owner financing or rent to own. That is one my biggest questions .... how to stretch the dollar and financing an investment property. Thanks again. I am excited so many people are available and willing to help. I apologize for any grammar mistakes. I am using my phone.

Hi Todd, Welcome to BP. There are a lot of good investors in the area. I don't actually live there anymore but invest in the area still.I'll send you a colleague request.

Good Luck.

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