Looking for a lawyer in Jefferson or Denver County, Colorado

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I am looking for a reference for an attorney that can help me draft a strong lease as well as create a contract for my GC and subs. I am looking for this attorney to help out with evictions or at least provide advice on the proper way to do it here in Colorado. Lastly, I need an attorney that can advise me on how to follow the specific rental laws in my area of unincorporated Denver.

Feel free to send a private message with this information.

Just PM'd you Bill.

@Bill Coleman  that's asking a lot of one lawyer. The eviction, lease, and advise on specific rental laws I would see being the same. The contract law for your GC and Subs would probably someone else. There are a couple of landlord/tenant firms in the metro area. Deborah Wilson and Mark Tschetter do probably 80% of the evictions in the metro area. I would guess they would also have a stock lease and know the ins and outs of local rental laws. I don't really have any recommend for the contracts for your contractors and subs.

I would offer this, there is lots more to a good lease than complying with the law. A good lease creates an agreement between you and the tenant that makes sure you are compensated for all the brain damage of dealing with tenants. That's really outside of the realm of lawyers and the law. I would also see if you can't get a copy of a lease from a good property management company or two and a few leases from the local big box apartment complexes. 

Bill - If you're still looking, my law school classmate Douglas Griess is out there. I don't know if he does residential law, but he could make a recommendation if he can't help you.

I am hoping to find a lawyer that owns and operates rental properties.

My goal is to get help with the following items:

Note: all documents should be received in Word form so that I may edit them and create PDF forms from them.

  • Complete lease
  • Late notices and when to send them
  • Any and all eviction forms
  • Application form
  • Learn basics of landlord-tenant code for local counties
  • Learn tenant screening tips and legal parameters around tenant selection
  • Legal requirements and/or pitfalls with advertising rentals

@Loren Whitney  didn't see your PM. You can always email me directly at the email in my signature.

Just emailed you Bill! Good to connect.

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