Arizona Investors / RE Agents - Newbie Seeking Advice and Networking.

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I would like to ask some of you that have experience, if any of you are RE agents? I ask because I am getting ready to activate my license again and would like to do so with a broker that will assist in my personal objective of personal investments? (fix and flipping, and rental properties) I am in the west valley area. I may do some resale, but my reason for getting back in to RE is my personal investments.

I am very interested in learning and networking with others in AZ. Feel free to follow or colleague me. I appreciate the assistance or advice.
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Hi @Joel Petersen  and welcome to BiggerPockets!  Although I am not an agent or even living in the Phoenix area I would like to network with you.  I am an out of state investor in the Phoenix market and always looking to network with like minded individuals.  Also, I am working with others that live and invest in Phoenix and by building our networks you never know when our paths will cross.  

I will PM you with my personal contact information, 

- Dave

Hi @Joel Petersen

I am in the Phoenix area. I am not a RE Agent, but am planning to get my license in the near future for the same reason and will be in the same boat. Will send you a colleague request.

Welcome to BP.

Hi Joel, I am not an agent but have invested in the West Valley for about 10 years now.  I can put you in touch with my agent/broker if you want, he is excellent.  PM me with your contact info.

@Joel Petersen   Hi Joel, I am an agent in phoenix and can recommend my broker. I pay $25/month and roughly $300 per transaction.  It works great because I mainly use my license for personal reasons as well so it's low cost and they have good support.  Let me know if you have questions. 

@Heath S.

I would be grateful to speak with your broker. Please IM me any information.

Thank you,-

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