REIG's in Hampton Roads

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Anyone apart of or attended any of the meetings of our local REIG's?

So far I’ve made it to PREIA (Peninsula Real Estate Investment Association) about 3 or 4 times. I really like the group, but the meetings are on the other side of the water making it a pain to get to from Virginia Beach. The meetings are “free” but you have to spend $13 on a buffet because the meetings are held in at the back of a Chinese restaurant.

I have not yet made it to Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group ( due to scheduling conflicts, but I’m told that this is the group to attend and join if you are serious about investing in this area.

If you navigate to there are a couple of smaller real estate investment groups, but most of them seem to be a waste of time. One I went to was held by a broker/agent who apparently wanted to control all of the deals. She was late to the meeting, and the promised guest speaker was a no-show. I never went back.

I saw the Virginia Beach group, but wasn't influenced enough by what I saw online to attend anything there.   TRIG seems to be legitimate, but not sure if I want to pay the $20 to attend one meeting.  I guess it all depends on if they are selling you stuff at that meeting or if it is something else.  I'm guessing the latter with that group.  

Just went to my first meeting at TRIG. It worked out that it was a panel discussion on rentals and SMEs for different areas.  So from that perspective it was worth it for the lease ideas alone.  The one time fee sucks but the yearly isn't bad if you plan on going regularly.  

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