REI Groups or Associations MS Gulf Coast

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Anyone know of any REI Groups or Associations along the MS/AL Gulf Coast? I know there is a REIA group in New Orleans which I hope to attend some time soon but just wondering if there is one in South Mississippi or Southern Alabama.


Hi Gregory,

I did a bit of research trying to find a REIA ion the Gulfport/Biloxi area. It looks like there was one, but it is no longer operating. From what I recall there is one in Jackson. If you find that there is one in the area, would you let me know about it?

Ken Cooper

Thanks for the info Ken. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything.

Yes, Gregory, I am familiar with the coast. I have family there and visit once or twice a year. My parents have a condo in Biloxi that they rent as a vacation rental and it does well. I was looking for a REIA in the area to talk to some investors about where they think the area is headed. I am thinking about purchsing a vacation rental or a duplex there.

Nice to meet you,

Ken Cooper

@Ken Cooper I don't know if a REIA here on the coast either. I am an active realtor on coast and can answer some of your questions. Feel free to contact me for an update.

@Gregory Tregre Give me a call when you're on the coast.

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