Need home improvement Contractor for Inspection of home in CT

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Looking for a home improvement contractor to conduct Home Inspections in and around the Hartford Connecticut areas. Need a detailed report of scope of work and/or estimated repair costs. Ideally, the report would include details of material costs, and labor costs, so I can see each. Looking forward to working long time with the same company. Will do my best to keep you busy.

I am looking for as soon as possible. If anyone here on B.P. can send me the names of reputable, investor friendly contractor's that work in the Connecticut area, I would greatly appreciate it.

I just sent you a colleague request and PM regarding the home improvement contractor you are seeking here in the Hartford area.

Yeah, I did see the Colleague Request. Did you get a notice saying that I had accepted your request? I am no sure how the Private Messaging works here. I don't know if a PM comes into the email address that is associated with my account or not. Any feedback on this is welcome. My email is [email protected] Cell: 978-601-3453

I am have found a property in that area that is on the Internet, but the seller is not answering my inquiries. Test Ads??

Hey Ronald. I just emailed you at the address you provided.

I am looking for one also

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