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Looking for a good General Contractor in the Humbolt Park Chicago area.  I am in the process of buying a two flat that needs work. Not a gut rehab.  Can anybody refer me to a good General Contractor?

@George Foster    - Hey George - are you going to the meetup tomorrow?  If you are, I would like to spend a few minutes talking with you about a property I'm looking at in Humboldt Park that would need some work.

@Ryan Canfield  yes sir. I will be there. Look forward to

Meeting you and thank you for coming to our meetup. I wish you much success!

@George Foster   - I wasn't able to connect with you Tuesday night, hopefully next time I can get a chance to introduce myself and pick your brain for a few minutes.

@Ryan Canfield we can set up a time to meet if that is convenient for you. If you would like that option let me know dates and times you are available and we will schedule something.

@George Foster  Thank you for being so flexible.  I originally found a property that I was interested in that needed a decent amount of work.  I do not have any experience estimating rehabs so that is what I was interested in talking to you about.  After looking into the property more with my Fiance, we decided that it does not meet the strategy we are going for.  

We are now taking more time to look into properties that meet our goals.  I will make sure I have some good questions for the next meetup! 

@Ryan Canfield  If you need a real estate broker to bid on properties let me know. I am a managing broker and licensed home inspector as well.

@George Foster I hope you don't mind me putting you in my Rolodex as well. I am looking at properties in Chicago that may need rehab and could use a good contractor.

Hi @George Foster  , thought I'd jump in here and introduce myself as well. I'm hoping to purchase my first property sometime within the next year, most likely a 2-4 unit that I'll occupy. I'm still a ways away from needing help (plenty of research still to do), but it would definitely be helpful to have a broker/inspector contact!

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