Nashville commercial contractor/builder recs

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Hi Nashville folks-

Anyone have a positive experience with a commercial builder or contractor in Nashville to share?  This will be our first commercial building experience.  We are working with a friend/ architect on the design, but want someone who will take the reins from the planning stage all the way to completion.  The goal is to be involved in the day-to-day oversight of the project as little as possible.  

I'd also welcome any advice regarding a commercial building project!

I might know a guy that knows a guy. Do you do any residential building also or just commerical?

@Wayne Woodson- at this time, this is the only building project.  We've never done residential or commercial building before.  

@Lindsay M. what is the size of the project - sqft? Budget?

I would ask your architect to recommend contractors in addition to any recommendations you get.

Construction is a team sport. While your contractor and arch can do all the leg work. Ultimately there will be many decisions you have to make.

The key to a successful project is having a great team. If your contractor and architect don't get along this will create endless headaches for you.

After you have made a decision on the best contractor for your team and the project has started. Keep a lookout for team members that are not adding value.

This can include finger pointing, blaming or competition. If you see this happening find out who started it and squash it. It is toxic. Also, slow delivery/responses to RFIs, PCOs, submittals and schedule updates - an organized project is a successful project.

I would recommend using an AIA contract and general conditions. Be sure to read through them thoroughly so you understand what each party is responsible for.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me.

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