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This post Is to put my name out there to any wholesalers in my local area(St. Louis) who are actively wholesaling or have wholesaled a deal recently. That's something I'm wanting to do and wanting to know more about it. As much as I want to jump in and start mailing to the list I just bought. I just don't feel ready, and yes I know you need to fail to learn but I don't want to make a fool of myself and put a bad name for myself out there as being a joke and not knowing a dang thing about the process of a successful wholesale deal(which I don't). I would love to meet up and chat possibly partner with someone who knows what there doing so I can see the how its done. Now I don't want you thinking I'm asking for someone to just drop what there doing. I understand I need to bring something to the table. In closing, I would Love to network with some like minded people and see how I can possibly benefit you and possibly gain a mentor but most importantly a friendship along the way to

I am wholesaling homes in the st Louis. I am marketing directly to sellers and getting it under contract at the right price then selling it to end buying investors. I have a couple deals under contract that you can help sell and I can pay you a referral fee.

Gordon first of all thanks for the reply, I'm assuming lunch is out of the question since your from the west coast. Anyways, YES! I will help! I would like to contact you and discuss just how I can be of assistance to you. I can PM you or vise versa. What would be best for you? 

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