Property Managers, etc., in Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo, Ohio?

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Hey BiggerPockets,

Have been doing some research into my home state of Ohio for a little while now and I'm pretty sold on the value proposition of investing in Ohio.  I'm currently looking into what it will take to invest from out of state to the area.  I visit Ohio a few times per year, so I would be able to check in on operations from time to time, or even be present for a walk through of potential acquisitions, but generally I am looking for a situation where I can get a good team in place that does not require my presence to be effective.  I've heard loud and clear that the team is the key.

All that said, I am interested in any referrals you might have for good property management, rehabbers, and acquisitions people in the markets of Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo.  If you know a full-service company, that's even better but it's not required to all be under one roof.

I am looking for buy & hold rentals and buy, rehab & hold rentals in the aforementioned markets.  Not looking for the bottom of the barrel neighborhoods with lots of boarded ups and bars on windows, but blue collar good rental areas are fine.

Would love to get any referrals.  If you have worked with someone here on BP that you can intro me to that would be even better.



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