Looking for REAL Estate Attorney & CPA in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Hey guys!,

I have 2 rentals, flipped a few, etc...  I'm looking to set up paperwork for Lease/Purchases and could sue some legal guidance from someone in Indiana.  Suggestions?

Will need a CPA downstream, if by chance you have any recommendations!



Although I am not located in Fort Wayne (I'm in Columbus, OH), I have several real estate investors in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne area that I work with continuously. If you're interested in hearing more, I can give you a buzz and share with you more. 

Nathaniel Busch, CPA 

I would agree about recommending Nathaniel Busch as well.

He specializes in all areas from commercial properties, SFR, and even mobile homes(lonnie Deals). He has proved to me that he is great at creative tax planning.

 What a treat to have a CPA who responds, is detail oriented, and a team player.

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