Great Networking Event!!

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I had such a great time at my local REI meeting here in Memphis!

The atmosphere was very welcoming and met some very sweet people. I could just feel how genuine the people were and their need to want others to succeed. I was born and raised here but moved to Nashville and resided there for the last 4 years for school to complete my architectural engineer degree. I joined the REI there and meetings were okay but it felt so divided to me. It was the seasoned investors and the newbies and that was that!

At the meeting, I got some great advice from an investor, after gaining some background information from me. He asked, "if I could do anything right now, What would it be?" I said,  " learn." 

And I am learning!!! I haven't made a penny in real estate YET but I love it! I love the people, I love the challenges, I love helping, I love the positive environment , I love the diversity, I love the freedom it brings and the wealth you can acquire from this career.

I became active about a month ago after attending several meetings and seminars for about 7months ( when I felt like I've gained enough knowledge to move with confidence) 

Now, I just want to be around real estate and anything associated with it, ALL THE TIME! (:

The investor advice was for me to intern at a property management company because in his opinion he thinks that I would be a perfect fit.

His advice was heartfelt because when someone tells you what they think, it is usually to benefit them. He had nothing to do with property management and proceeded to help me find a CEO of a property management company. We didn't find any there because the meeting was concluding at this point. Nonetheless,  I appreciate his efforts immensely and his advice even more.

Now, I am in search of a good property management company here in Memphis with a good reputation. It doesn't have to be a big company that is generating a large amount of revenue and pay doesn't matter to me at all. I am looking for a business that needs an young, eager to learn the business, educated, and motivated individual. Where I can contribute my ambition, create long lasting relationships, and allow me to cater to whatever unique need that particular business may need.


Again, it doesn't have to be this big company, as long as it has a good reputation and honest people, I want to be apart of it

Thanks you all!!

Originally posted by @Curt Davis:

are you looking for a property mgmt company to work at? If that is the case I know of a company right now that has an opening. Send me a pm and I will give you more details. 

Yes, I am! Thanks a lot!! I sent you a colleague request bc I wasn't able to pm you w/o being colleagues.

Marko Rubel
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