Alexandria, VA contractor recommendations

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My wife and I purchased a house in Alexandria and close at the end of the month. I'm looking for recommendations for any of the following contractors:

  • Electrician
  • Wood floor sanding and finishing
  • Asbestos tile removal on basement floor
  • Minor concrete work, tuck pointing a fence, essentially
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Kitchen remodel

Thank you


My name is Jarrod Smerk.  I own a small licensed, insured contracting company in Alexandria.  We do mostly carpentry and custom wood projects, but also do residential remodeling for some of our more regular clients.  I just thought I would inquire as to what sort of kitchen/bathroom renovations you had in mind.  Feel free to call to discuss.  440-915-7371



Bathroom and kitchen are original. Completely gut rehab both of them. Bathroom door will need to be moved a new feet to expand the bathroom. Sink, tub/shower, flooring, ceiling fan. 

 Kitchen will have a doorway closed off and window covered (brick exterior), new cabinets, sink, flooring. 

Bathroom we hope to have completed by the end of August. Kitchen may be a ways off depending on our finances. Do you have a website, Yelp, etc.?

I don't typically advertise.  I operate through referrals and some regular clients.  I am happy to furnish you with references and pictures of recent projects if you would like. 

When you refer to new sink, tub, etc., are you keeping the plumbing configuration the same and replacing with new fixtures or will the plumbing need to be moved around?  As for the shower/tub surround, are you thinking tile or a prefabricated fiberglass surround?  Also are you referring to a bladed ceiling fan or just replacing the existing exhaust fan in the bathroom?  And what did you have in mind for flooring?  wood, tile, vinyl, etc?



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