St Louis General Contractor needed

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My partner and I have a 4/2.5 1900sqft sfr that we are flipping. It was a foreclosure on a V.A loan. It needs siding, paint, flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms touched up. We had a contractor walk through it but are looking to have a few bids. Is there anyone you guys have used or would recommend we speak with? Feel free to pm me if you prefer. 

The property is in Saint Peters, Missouri.

Hey Ryan, it's great to see someone local doing a flip. I have a guy I could refer to you, he does very good work. What part of St. Peters is your flip? What is your expected ARV after complete?

Good luck!

That would be excellent. We've had two guys look at the property and one gave an estimate of 46k which just seemed way off base. The second guy quoted about 20k less which is around where we thought it should be. The property is around the 70/Cave Springs area. From sold comps averaged in the area we are expecting around mid 190's. 

Hi guys, I'm looking for a recommendation on a general contractor in the St Louis area. Thanks in advance.

David DiPasquale with DiPasquale Painting and Home Improvements. They do great work and can handle you project with no problem. Let them know I referred you and they will be happy to help

My dad is up that way, pretty experienced in doing rehabs, we'll done a lot of 'em.  Sherrill Shepherd.  It wont let me post his number, but if you'll shoot me a PM I'll shoot it your way.  He's a retired engineer and has a good crew up that way and has run plenty of rehabs.  Better hurry, though, I'm working on moving him back to Georgia to run my jobs....

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