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Anyone had experience with ifunding.co they care to share?  

Any comparable crowd funding sites they have used?  

Thx in advance, 

@Catherine . 

Catherine, I just funded a project via Ifunding.co I had a great experience especially for a first timer with crowfunding. I had lots of experience with rehabs and infill development.  We are one of few ground up developers that are on the site. Overall they were excellent in promoting and getting my project funded.

Wonderful to hear @Kenneth_Bell.  Congrats on your project and thank you for the feedback:) 

I have crowdfunded almost $1M with them in two projects and in general have had a fantastic experience with their services.  

@Catherine .,

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Thank you to all for your feedback:) 

I have invested with them and am also in the middle of a raise with them for one of my company's projects. Having quite a bit of experience in the real estate syndication industry with various groups, I can say that they are a great company.

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