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Anyone know if there is a New Jersey meet up preferably monmouth County if so where and when

Hi @Bryan Nevin there is a great meetup in Garwood, NJ (NJRESN), that I think is worth the drive. There are investors from all over the state there. Defiantly a great place to network, learn and find deals. I went there last month for the first time and thought it was pretty good. The are meeting next Aug 14 at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

@Bryan Nevin  

There is a new REI group meeting right in Monmouth county NJ. They had there first meeting this month and have one planned for August. The group seems to be very pro-active with no soliciting or sales and already relationships and partnerships have formed. They meet at Brookdale community college in Lincroft/Middletown. I suggest you contact MarkS. from Belmar NJ as he can provide you with all the details for the next meet up.

I have been to other REI meet ups both up North and down South which are good but I have found there is heavy solicitation of services and goods sold/offered at these events. So just be fore warned.

Hope to see you at one of the aforementioned locations

HI @Bryan Nevin  I was at the meetup that @Ana Nomys  mentioned, it was a small group but great to meet local investors with similar mindsets.

Unfortunately I can't attend the next meet up but @Mark S.  is organizing it so he can probably give you some more information. There's also another thread about it somewhere on the site.

Wow great info...when exactly is the next meet-up in August? As a fellow NJ potential real estate investor looking to learn more about the business I would love to come....thanks!!

Thank you @Justin Fraser for the mention and drawing my attention to this post. 

As Justin and @Ana Nomys mentioned we have a new group that's catering to the Central Jersey crowd. Our next meeting is in August in Lincroft, Monmouth County. Click this link for the full details and please let me know if you're planning to attend (so we have enough seats and stuff). All are welcome.

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