Informal meet-up in Tacoma, WA...Calling all interested parties

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Hi all,

My husband, Eli, and I are ready to meet some of our local BP community face to face.  I'm thinking about planning a little informal gathering here in Tacoma (probably @ the Ram down on the Tacoma waterfront), but wanted to put my feelers out before making any official plans. If you're interested, please respond with the following:

1. Top two choices for day of the week.

2. August or September?


That would be fun!  Friday afternoon/Saturday and Late August or September would be best for us.  Great idea!

Stacey, don't plan it around me, but I could try to travel up if it is a weekend (Sat or Sun afternoon).  I can do the last weeks of Aug or first half of Sept, not Labor Day weekend.  It would be fun.

@Stacey Olson  Have you been to the local meeting in Fife or downtown Tacoma yet?  There are not BP meetings but I think that would help.

I would be interested in coming down from Sequim to join the fun.  I am pretty flexible with my schedule and could likely arrange it around any days that work for the majority.  August is looking pretty busy for me, but September is wide open.

Fridays: evening

Saturday: whenever

Weeknights may work, after the first week of September.


Hi all! @Tiffany Plovie just contacted me and suggested that we combine forces (Tacoma local with South Puget Sound) for a September meet-up.  We are discussing the weekend of September 13th. I'm thinking this is a good idea in terms of extended networking exposure. What would you all think about a big meet-up in September and then we can plan for another time to connect in October and/or November for those who could use the added pick-me-up(s)? 

Saturday September 20th is a back-up option. Let me know how those dates work, then Tiffany will put a message out to the list she has going (with everyone in this forum included).

Best to you as you bring your week to a close!


@Stacey Olson  Thank you for putting this all together!

 I am interested in assembling another event much like the one I hosted with @Brandon Turner  and turning into a monthly meet-up event.

 If you are interested, please reply here and I will add your name to the list!

Tiffany, please add me to the list. We're finally arriving in Tacoma this Friday after delaying our move since March. So excited to finally get there!

Hi Stacy and everyone else,

I can make it in September, but not August.  Any day of the week is good.  The Ram is good. Dukes also has a meeting room that would work. 

Thanks and talk later,

Kevin M

Im in and out a lot in September (more out than in) but I'd love to come if I'm in the State!

Hi All!

   We are going for a relaxed, casual atmosphere much like the Official BP Meet-Up that @Brandon Turner  and I hosted earlier this month. No solicitations will be allowed, this strictly a networking event where we can all get together, connect, share ideas and have some fun!

 @Sam Albert  

@Erik Trefzger  

@Justin Baker  

@Brandon Turner 

@Joshua Clark  

 I will add you all to the list!

Watch for a formal announcement of date and time!

@Stacey Olson @Tiffany Plovie 

Sept 13 and 20 work for me.

Looking forward to it!

I  look forward to attending this meeting and do some networking

I'm unavailable Sept 13th, but the 20th is good.  Please keep me on the update list, thanks!

@Jennifer Clancy  

@Chris Stromdahl  

@Albert Bui  

I will add you all to the list! I haven't met many of you before, and I am so looking forward to making new friends and connections.

@Mike Sumsky   I think we may be going with the 13th, as that seems to be the date that most people can make. However, I will keep you updated of any changes and upcoming meetings.  On another note, I have seen you present before, at another meeting, and missed connecting with you.  It would be nice to finally actually 'meet' you!

@Tiffany Plovie , thanks for keeping me in the loop.  I have a REAPS board meeting on the 13th, so looks like I'll miss this one, but keep me in mind for other meetups.

Just seeing this - glad this is in the works. I may be able to get to one of these finally. Please add me to the list. It'd be great to meet everyone.

I am most available on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.  September wide open.  Unfortunately, since I work swing shift Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, it would be difficult for me to make it on those days.  Tacoma is fine, or any point south on the I-5 corridor.  Would like to attend and meet you all.  That would be nice!

Hi Stacey.

Count me in! Please add me to your list.

I would very much enjoy getting together with my Bigger Pockets friends!  I live near Tacoma and some networking to help me break out of routines and see opportunity that I may be missing.

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